Wood Reels


As the leading manufacturer of wooden reels in North America, One Source Reel’s plywood and nailed wood reels are utilized for extensive variety of cable and wire applications. They have been producing reels that conform to industry standards. With more than 50 years in wooden reel manufacturing business, One Source Reel has gained huge reputation for providing quality products. With One Source Reel, buyers have the benefit of dealing with a company that has its own manufacturing units, recycling plants, and assembly centers spread all over North America. As they have R&D resources across the globe, the needs of the buyers will be met now and into the future.

One Source Reel’s plywood reels are a cost effective solution for wide variety of cable and wire applications. Flanges are available in turntable of diameters ranging from 10 inches to 60 inches. They are also available in recyclable and one-time use packages. The flanges are produced from hardwood and pine plywood. They are also available in the form of fiber tubing or wood starve barrel. Theses reels can be painted or printed with different images and texts. Bolts are made with 1/4th inches slot or hex head with T nuts and 3/8th inches hex head with nuts and washers. One Source Reel plywood reels are ideal for piling cable and wire at power stations for electricity transmission and distribution. They can be used by telecommunications that includes wired, wireless, satellite TV etc. One Source Reel reels are also used by industrial and commercial buildings. They are also used for piling up elevator cables and wire rope, cable and conduits.

One Source Reel’s nailed wood reels have been in existence since the company was first established. Flanges are returnable and can be re-furnished with diameters varying from 14 inches to 160 inches. The reel heads are laminated using timber with 2 to 4 ply. The barrel staves are cut to the required curvature and thickness with help of machine cutters. Then, reels are bored to clients’ specifications for tie-off, drive and start holes. One Source Reel nailed wood reels can be used for same purposes as with plywood reels.