Steel Reels & Recycling

Nailed-Wood-Reels_innerOne Source Reel is a renowned reel manufacturing company that has been in existence for more than 50 years. This company is dedicated to meet the needs of the customers, by delivering strong and durable steel reels that are mostly used for wire and cable applications, shipping and heavy duty applications. If there is need for strength and durability in steel reels, One Source Reel can offer the ideal product. Tubular reel for light weight haulage of pipes or conduits, bespoke steel reels for take up and take off solutions, for heavy duty manufacturing units or corrugated and reusable design for wire and cable applications, One Source Reel steel reels can be modified to satisfy exclusive needs.

The tubular or toradol steel reels are lightweight and ideal for conduit and cable applications. Flanges are reusable and detachable with diameters ranging from 42 inches or bigger. These durable steel reels have sturdy locking pins on modular to secure detachable flanges. They are ideal for infrastructure where wire rope, cable and conduit are required.Corrugated steel reels come with recyclable designs, suitable for heavy duty wiring and cable applications. Fabricated from high quality steel sheets and bars, they are finished with high pressure hot phosphate wash. They are ideal for storing wires for power supply and distribution, telecommunications, and infrastructure, and elevator cables.

Good conditioned steel reels are usually available for great cost saving.

Please call for all steel reel needs and or steel reel available for sale.