Recycling Program


The disposal costs of one-way packaging are significant. This is particularly true of large plywood and nailed-wood reels. These high-value reels are prime candidates for recycling and re-use. The number of “turns” a reel can make is an important factor by which to judge value.


• One Source Reel has a network of reel return depots and recycling centers where used reels are received and graded.
• Reusable reels are repaired, painted as required, and the bolts are tightened.
• Many recycled reel users elect to attach a special logo to highlight the fact that the reel is recycled
and that their company is concerned and doing its part in conserving our natural resources.
• Reels with broken flanges or torn arbor holes are not suitable for recycling.


With the One Source Reel program, resources are conserved and economic advantages accrue to all involved.
• The reel recipient avoids disposal costs.
• The reel customer buys recycled reels at a fraction of what a new reel would cost.
• One Source Reel gains new work in recycling the used reels.
• Planet Earth also benefits because less waste goes into landfills.