Recycled Wood Reels


One Source Reel Reels and Spools, which can be recycled and reused, have been in existence since 1992. One Source Reel’s reel recycling approach is a widespread and comprehensive, economical recycling program in the trade. One Source Reel stands as the leader in the market manufacturing recyclable nailed wood reels. Accumulating used reels from contractors and distributors, utility agencies, One Source Reel repairs and refurbishes them to make them ready for reuse. Flexibility in this recycling program is the prime reason for its success. Moreover, if the clients require a detailed list of how many trees and how much space has been saved, then the company can offer a detailed ecological analysis which they can use in marketing and sales efforts. The Reel recycling program is designed to meet specific needs. It makes the process of reel recycling quite easy, and helps to save cost of land filling fees. Moreover, it helps to accumulate detailed reports showing the impact of the buyer’s participation in the program. The Eco reel program offers measurable savings in disposal expenditure and resource utilization.